2024 Hanson
Curramulka Speed Shear

Saturday, March 23rd

Rules for the Curramulka Speed Shear

1. One sheep to be shorn per shearer in heats and in final, if one is to be held
2. Minimum of three (3) judges to officiate at event
3. Score for heats to be cancelled and not carried forward into final. In the event of multiple disqualifications, heat times will decide remaining placements
4. Winner to be shearer with the quickest time and a pass from judges.
5. Judges to judge sheep on shed quality (X bred sheep shall be shorn to a high shed quality.)
6. No shearer to shear if affected by alcohol or drugs - decision to be made by the chief judge prior to or while shearer is competing
7. Any bad cuts means automatic disqualification on judges decision
8. Three time keepers to be used
9. Time starts when shearer pulls into gear, time stops when shearer pulls out of gear
10. Shearers must supply own handpiece and combs and cutters
11. All shearers to be dressed in appropriate shearing attire and suitable footwear to be worn
12. Singlets if given by sponsors of the event must be worn, failure to do so will make shearer ineligible to shear
13. Plucking is acceptable only while the machine is in gear
14. A full length staple left on means automatic disqualification
15. If a shearer has won at least one (1) Intermediate Speed Event then he or she is only eligible to shear in an open event.
16. Veterans class to be over 40 years of age and not shearing on a regular basis
17. It is the judge's responsibility to enforce and adhere to all above rules and his or her decision will be final.

$5.00 fee for cancellation up to 2 weeks prior to event.
50% for cancellation within 1 weeks.
100 % for cancellation within 48 hours.